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WaterColor Expansion

The Future of WaterColor

As our community enters its 15th year it is time to prepare for the future and ensure WaterColor’s place as a premier community of the Florida Panhandle. The goal of this expansion project is to improve the WaterColor experience and alleviate overcrowding at our current Beach Club by improving and expanding both the Beach Club and Camp WaterColor areas. We have been advised that the only way to truly solve our current overcrowding is to complete both the Beach Club and Camp WaterColor projects together. In order to spread people out, we need to not only expand the Beach Club, but we must also create an additional destination pool with food service at Camp WaterColor. This strategy has proved successful in other communities that have shared our struggles.

Planned Features

  • Beach Club Expansion
  • Enhanced Arrival & Welcome Area
  • Improved Dining Services
  • Pool and Deck Improvements
  • Camp WaterColor Pool Expansion

An Improved WaterColor Experience

As WaterColor has grown, so has the number of people using our amenities. For example, during 2015 from March through September, the Beach Club welcomed approximately 185,000 people through the gates. That’s nearly 1,000 people per day who entered our Beach Club. The popularity and overcrowding of WaterColor’s amenities has been the source of some frustration among homeowners and their guests.

Improving and expanding amenities would benefit us all. As we approach the milestone of our WaterColor community, with only a few more lots left to be developed, it’s time to look to the future. This project will improve the experience of both the homeowners and their guests. Many predict it will increase property values and rental income potential so that we can continue to protect WaterColor’s position as the leading community along 30-A.


New Ways to Enjoy WaterColor

Beach Club Expansion

A New Beach Club - Triple The Fun

The Beach Club expansion will triple the current pool size, therefore better meeting the demand put on the Beach Club especially during peak times. By constructing two new pools and enhancing the poolside food service, the WaterColor Beach Club will be the largest and most beautifully designed beach club with the most desired amenities and superior facilities along 30-A.

A Welcome Area Worthy of WaterColor

The new Beach Club arrival area will feature a new reception area that will enhance the arrival experience, with conveniently located towel service. The renovated and enlarged structure will have improved access to the beach and will include an additional elevator giving service personnel easier entry to back-of-house operations. These improvements will afford guests faster entrance to Beach Club amenities.

Securing the WaterColor Experience

As with all WaterColor amenities, these new restaurants and pools will only be enjoyed by WaterColor homeowners and their guests. The new designs, layout and welcome experience will improve existing security measures, ensuring only those permitted can access the amenities.

Arrival & Welcome Area
Improved Dining Services

Let's Eat - More choices, more spaces (sunset included!)

We will expand the capacity on all levels of the Club. The proposed design will have a new, larger main dining room, additional outdoor pool deck food service, and a pizza kitchen bar on the top level with shaded lounge-style seating. The plan calls for elevating the level of service through expanded kitchens and menus, which could possibly include the addition of a dinner service. A new indoor/outdoor dining area on the midlevel deck will have seating for 150 people with longer dining hours and expanded service during off-peak seasons. The upper bar area will now offer a magnificent sunset view from two outdoor areas, with a full 140-degree panorama of sea and sky.

Preview Our New Pools

We will add two new resort-style pools , one with walk-in entry, increasing the total pool capacity by three times what is currently offered. These new pools will triple our available pool deck space and will include expanded seating and dedicated sunbathing areas, along with new pool deck cabanas. The decks will be terraced in order to provide sweeping views of the Gulf from all levels.

New Pool & Deck Improvements
Camp WaterColor Pool Expansion

Camp WaterColor - A Family Fun Destination

The Camp WaterColor pool expansion is more than just a larger pool, it will become a family fun destination. The addition of a newly redesigned Camp WaterColor pool will triple the size of the existing pool and is designed to accommodate all ages and abilities of guests. Zero-entry pool access, like the gentle slope of the beach, will provide easy access to the water making the pool even more family friendly.

A large splash pad with interactive dancing jets of water will delight younger children while older kids will enjoy the slip and slide excitement of a waterslide.

The enhanced amenity will provide the convenience of food, beverage and bar service to guests of the improved Camp WaterColor. The area is designed with families in mind, giving them access to everything they need for a full day of fun without needing to leave the area.


A Phased Approach

WaterColor’s amenities are an important part of our community experience. During expansion construction, we will strategically plan to maximize access to the amenities. A phased approach will ensure amenities are not taken offline without access to a comparable amenity, and phases will account for peak times and seasons for limited disruption.


A Benefit To Everyone

Increasing Property Values

WaterColor is one of the premier coastal, master-planned communities on scenic 30-A. During the past year, real estate values in WaterColor averaged about $1.5 million for a single detached home, a 13 percent increase from the previous year.

Expanding the amenities in WaterColor could increase our home values and decrease the amount of time homes stay on the market, keeping WaterColor one of the most desirable communities in the area.

Increasing Rental Values

We know that about 58 percent of homes in WaterColor participate in rental programs. An investment in amenities not only improves home values, but also the long-term viability of the WaterColor rental market. Additionally, better rental programs increase the desirability of homes for sale. By offering better amenity options, it makes WaterColor more competitive when compared to other high-end communities offering vacation rentals.


A Wise Investment


The expansion of our amenities in WaterColor will provide new pools, new restaurants, new destinations, and most importantly, solutions to overcrowding. The WaterColor Homeowners Association has an excellent track record of responsibly managing your investment. We have approached this project like we have all the others, conservatively, carefully and with transparency.

The Board, Finance Committee and Beach Club Expansion Committee have completed and approved the final steps of what is needed to put the proposed WaterColor Expansion project to a vote by the homeowners. The architects of our plan have researched the scope of the project with multiple contractors to create an estimate of cost. These committees and experts have worked really hard, giving countless hours to this project and we are pleased to share the following assessment information.

Based on our extensive discovery process and thorough planning, the total cost of all proposed improvements will not exceed $14.5 million.

The Board of Directors has unanimously approved this proposed special assessment and identified Bank of America as the lender of choice for this project. You will be voting on whether or not you approve this proposed assessment to not exceed $14.5 million.

How these costs will be shared

Each homeowner would pay a quarterly special assessment and this process is outlined in WaterColor’s governing documents. Each homeowner’s investment in the expansion would be $330 per quarter for 13 years. Many of you have expressed interest in a prepayment option and we are pleased to announce that will be made available. The prepayment total will be $13,750. Please note that prepayments must be made in full by December 31, 2016.


More financial information.



Voting on the project

The WaterColor Expansion Project has passed!

Voting on the project concluded on July 15 when a membership meeting was held and the Board attorney counted and verified the limited proxies received.

In order to pass, the project needed to receive 515 “yes” votes, which is 50 percent of the community, plus one vote. The project received a total of 639 “yes” votes and 126 “no” votes. That’s a total of 765 votes, or 75 percent of the community voting with 62.5 percent in favor of the project!

After reviewing the proxies for the official count, the attorney validated 584 “yes” votes. Some of the “yes” votes received could not be validated due to the need for a voting certificate or the name of the signee not matching records and the name on the property. (i.e. a spouse signed the proxy, but the property is listed only under the other spouse's name.)

 Though the un-validated votes can’t officially count toward the vote, we still include these in our total count of support for the project. We have continued to receive “yes” votes since the meeting adjourned, making our current total “yes” count at 651.

So what’s next!? The Beach Club Committee will continue to meet regularly and move forward with DAG Architects in developing detailed schematics of the project. This process can be lengthy, but we will keep you updated on what is being worked on throughout the process through our regular newsletter.

With such a high voter turnout, it’s easy to see this project means a lot to the homeowners and will undoubtedly re-shape the future of this community. Thank you again for your participation!



The History of the Expansion Project

Expanding the amenities in WaterColor has been a long, thorough and thoughtful process. Discussion about an expansion of the Beach Club started back in late 2013 as a result of overcrowding.

February 2014

A focus group was organized in February 2014 to begin looking into ideas for what homeowners would want in a Beach Club renovation project.

March 2014

In March 2014, the Board requested a boundary, topography and wildlife conservation survey be completed. After a lengthy process, the Board received notification that a permit would be forthcoming from the Fish and Wildlife Commission permitting them to expand southward toward the dunes.

October 2014

In October 2014, at the annual Homeowners Meeting, the HOA and DAG Architects presented schematics and renderings of the proposed potential expansion for the Beach Club.

July 2015

In July 2015, a Committee comprised of homeowners and a St. Joe representative was formed to work with the architecture firm to work on the details of the Beach Club expansion as well as an expansion of the Camp WaterColor Pool to create an improved destination and ease the congestion at the Beach Club.



Get to know your Expansion Committee!



We Want Your Feedback! Read Our FAQs


We care about our WaterColor family and have worked hard to make this exciting community project transparent, open and easy to understand. Your input is very important and we are listening to you. We’ve devoted an entire section of the website to answering the questions we hear most often. Browse the frequently asked questions.

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