Design Review Board


The Design Review Board (DRB) meets every other week in the Homeowners Association's Conference Room. The Board consists of five volunteer homeowners and an alternate member and two architectural consultants.


Agendas are available on the website no less than 48 hours prior to the meetings.

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The DRB is responsible for maintaining the design guidelines/pattern books that keep this master-planned community in line with the standards set when the community was developed. Any exterior construction, changes to a home's exterior (including but not limited to paint and lighting), and landscaping changes must first go through the Design Review Process and be submitted for approval to the Design Review Board.

Exterior Color Change

The WaterColor color palettes listed below illustrate the intended range of color options for the structures in the development. Each address has a specific color approach, which has been determined by the nature of the structure within the zone and their location with respect to surrounding landscape and buildings. The color samples presented convey the range of options within each address.

Please note that the printing techniques/screen resolution cannot accurately reproduce the color sample. Please consult with manufacturer's paint color chips. Colors can be matched/reproduced by most paint manufacturers.

Please note that trim and shutter colors are not limited to palette description. However, trim color cannot be stark white or darker than the body color. Body color cannot be the same as another house within two adjacent lots.

WaterColor Color Palettes

  • Ref. 1 - Cedar Woods lots use the color palette from Oak Grove Lots 22-46 & 56-76 & Long Leaf Park. 
  • Ref. 2 - See also Mere Ridge color palette.
  • Ref. 3 - Rose Garden Lots 1-3 & 16-30 use Cottage District & Park Row palette.
  • Ref. 4 - Summersweet Place Lots 1-6, 27-32, 43-74 & 79-94 use Eastern Cove Lots 24-52 & Lake Forest palette.
  • Ref. 5 - Summersweet Place Lots 7-26, 33-42, 75-78 & 95-98 use Mere Ridge color palette.
  • Ref. 6 - Tennis Cottages & Tennis District include Cerulean Landing Lots 1-19. Both accepted.
  • Ref. 7 - Turtle Ridge uses Eastern Cove Lots 24-52 & Lake Forest palette.
  • Ref. 8 - Vermilion Point palettes include Sunrise/Sunset Ridge, Long Leaf Park and Oak Grove Park Lots 22-46.
  • Ref. 9 - Cerulean Place I & II use the Lake District palette.
  • Ref. 10 - Park District follows the Oak Grove Lots 22-46 & 56-76 palette.