Amenity Fee Information

Amenity fees apply to any unaccompanied guests staying in WaterColor. Amenity fees are evaluated each year by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to offset costs associated with the additional wear and tear on the community as a whole.  

Amenity fees are a nightly fee based on the number of bedrooms in a home. 

Homeowners who have unaccompanied guests staying in their home or manage their own property as a rental (VRBOs), should complete the Unaccompanied Guest Form to obtain their guest passes and contact the Association Office to provide payment for the applicable amenity fee.

*Please be advised for rentals being made in 2023, the Finance Committee is providing notice that they do anticipate these rates raising by 25% for 2023.

2022 Amenity Fees

Bedroom Count Cost Per Night
1 Bedroom $16
2 Bedroom $24
3 Bedroom $30
4 Bedroom $40
5 Bedroom $51
6 Bedroom $60
7 Bedroom $69
8 Bedroom $78