New Construction

All Applications and subsequent submissions must be delivered to the Design Review Coordinator by U.S. Mail, overnight delivery or in person. Copies of the Project Checklist are available in a link below.

The Design Review Board meets the second Monday of each month (subject to change). No submission will be scheduled on an agenda that has not been received in the Design Administration office by 2:00 pm on the specified submission deadline date. Please reference the applicable DRB Meeting Schedule.

After checking with the Coordinator and prior to beginning any project, the Architect/Designer of Record may contact the Design Review Board Consultant via e-mail at This is your opportunity to ask any questions about any Architectural Guidelines with which you are uncertain. The Consultant will assist the Architect to achieve a thorough understanding of the philosophy of the Community patterns, individual lot requirements, qualities, details and submission requirements.



(a) Begins with a preliminary submission package from the Architect, which includes all elements specified in the DRB Submission Checklist.

(b) Plans will first be reviewed for technical aspects by the Consultant. The Consultant will then present the plans to the Design Review Board for design consideration.

(c) The Architect is to communicate with the Consultant to clarify any submission issues. The Consultant will continuously assist the Architect to produce a submission that meets the intent of the Design Guidelines.


When the Consultant determines:

(a) the submission is complete,

(b) all comments have been responded to, and

(c) the design meets the intent of the Design Guidelines,

the project will be ready for the final review.

Only complete submissions will be placed on the Agenda for final review and must be received in the Design Administration office by 2:00 PM on the specified submission deadline date.

Landscape Architects are required to provide one (1) set of landscaping plans at each level of submittal to be delivered to the Design Review Manager, Andrew Fromknecht.

It is the Architect's responsibility to coordinate the landscaping plan with the approved site plan and to ensure inclusion of landscaping plans in the permit plan set. A final, approved landscape plan is an absolute requirement prior to receiving the DRB Notice of Eligibility for building construction.


Final approved submissions require one (1) bound, signed, sealed and dated permit set, to include approved landscaping plans and site plan, and a complete package of associated documents to include application, exterior paint color chips and exterior fixtures information, materials list, manufacturers' specification sheets, etc. (See Checklist).

A project will remain in Final Approval review until all aspects of the project, including the landscaping plan, have received the approval of the Design Review Board. Notice of Eligibility for a Letter of Final Approval will be emailed to the Architect and Lot Owner. 



The Approved Contractor/Builder is responsible for contacting the Design Review Coordinator, Andrew Fromknecht at 850-231-2543 or to schedule a pre-construction site conference. The Coordinator will inform the Contractor of his responsibilities to prepare for this meeting and the necessity of payment of all fees and deposits, and at the meeting, will issue the Letter of Final Approval to the Contractor, who may then file with the County for the building permit and schedule the clearing of the lot.


As of June 22, 2023, DRB fees due upon submission of the initial new home construction application are $4,250. Before issuance of Letters of Final Approval, a Compliance Deposit of $25,000, a non-refundable Construction Management Fee of $5,000, and a non-refundable Impact Fee of $1,000 will be required. Other fees and deposits apply for renovation/exterior modification jobs. Please see Compliance Bulletin #18 and Construction Fees documents for fee listings.

No construction activity can commence until a permit has been issued. Payees of the fees and deposit are WaterColor Community Association, Inc.

The Coordinator is authorized to enforce the Contractor Standards and to issue warnings or fines, conduct pre construction site conferences, collect Compliance Deposits and Construction Management Fees, and insure construction is in accord with the Construction Documents approved by the DRB. At the completion of construction and before occupancy, all requirements associated with a Certificate of Construction Compliance must be submitted by the Architect/Designer to the Coordinator. Failure to complete this process could be cause for forfeiture of the Compliance Deposit.