What does the developer manage?

The St.Joe Company owns and operates the WaterColor Inn and LakeHouse. St.Joe owns and leases all the commercial spaces, including the BoatHouse. St.Joe is contracted to manage food and beverage service at the WaterColor Beach Club and Camp WaterColor including the WaterColor Grill, Costa Chica, Tiki Bar, Beach Cow, and The Canteen. They are also contracted to manage Beach Services, including beach chair rentals and beach bonfires. For more on their beach services, visit the WaterColor Resort website.

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1. What is WaterColor?
2. Who is CCMC?
3. How is WaterColor governed?
4. When and where are Board of Directors meetings hosted?
5. How many homes are in WaterColor?
6. What does the developer manage?
7. Where can I park?
8. Where can I park my boat, extra vehicles, or RV?
9. What is the wifi password at the community pools and beach?