How do I rent a homeowner beach chair?

Because of the limited amount of homeowner beach chair sets, we have to limit the number of sets a homeowner can rent to two per WaterColor address and chairs must be reserved a day in advance. By clicking on the “Homeowner Beach Sets” button on the homepage, you'll access the reservation page. Next day reservations are open from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. On the day of your reservation, you must check in for your sets by 11 a.m. Sets are $25. Pricing increases to $40 per set around holidays. During the peak June and July season and holiday weekends, the sets do go very quickly.  You also have the option of reserving resort chairs, which can be reserved up to a year in advance at Homeowners receive a discount of $15 off the daily rate for resort chairs. To have the discount applied, homeowners need to email

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2. How do I rent a homeowner beach chair?
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