Minor Modifications

Alterations to exterior of the residence or lot, which are minor in nature and do not require professionally developed plans for consideration, are considered to be "Minor Modifications".

Minor modifications include, but are not limited to: 

  • Minor landscape additions/removals
  • Hardscape changes
  • Porch railings
  • Porch screen additions/removals
  • Gutter additions
  • Exterior fixture changes
  • Exterior material changes
  • Fence additions
  • Exterior color changes (see Exterior Color Change information page)

Minor modifications require a submittal to the Design Review Board for consideration. The DRB application form and associated documents are provided below. 

Some modifications may require a simple plan, depicting the extent of the modification, to accompany the application to serve as a visual aid. These plans may be made by editing existing plans or a survey of the residence and are not required to be professionally developed. 

The application, supporting documents, and review fee are to be provided in person or via mail to the Compliance & Design Review Manager, Andrew Fromknecht, at the HOA office. Once received, the request will be considered by the Design Review Board at their next available meeting.

Bedroom Addition and Room Conversion Submittals

Please visit the Bedroom Conversion DRB Submittal Information Page for more information.