Bedroom Conversion DRB Submittal Information

The amenity allotment for residences is based on the number of bedrooms displayed in the most recent set of plans approved by the Design Review Board (DRB). Only rooms that are labeled as a “bedroom” on the approved plans are counted as a bedroom. Please be aware that bunkrooms are not counted as bedrooms for occupancy purposes and would not contribute to the maximum amenity allotment.

For any room to be considered a bedroom, it must be labeled as such on the DRB approved set of plans and meet the following requirements:

  • Meet the minimum requirements as defined in the Florida building code.
  • Have access to a bathroom without going through another bedroom.

The Community Association maintains a record of the DRB approved building plans for residences within the community. To increase the number of bedrooms on record with the community, a new or modified set of plans, drafted by a WaterColor approved architect/designer, would be required to replace those currently on file. 

 These plans are to contain the following:

  • Cover page, containing residential information and an Itemized list of proposed modifications. 
  • Properly labeled floor plans depicting the existing conditions of every floor.
  • Updated floor plan(s), showing the interior modification(s) and/or change of use.
  • Site plan, showing the required amount of parking, via dimensioned 8' - 6" x 18' - 0" parking areas contained within the property lines.

 The following is required to be submitted as a package for DRB consideration:

  • PDF of plans submitted to the Town Architect,, and Design Review Board Manager,
  • Bound 11”x17” hardcopy set of plans with signed and dated seal of architect on cover page. 
  • Completed “Minor Modification Application”
  • “Minor Modification” review fee of $400, made by check made payable to, “WaterColor Community Association”.

 Please refer to the below, “WaterColor Parking Space Requirement”, document for current parking requirements. 

After a submission is received, the DRB will review the updated plans during their next scheduled meeting. If the changes are approved, the plans on file for the residence will be updated and the bedroom count and maximum amenity allotment will be recorded.

As of August 14, 2023

If (1), the residence currently has the required amount of parking depicted on the existing site plan to accommodate the additional bedroom; (2), the room meets all county and WaterColor guidelines to be classified as a bedroom, then a formal submittal by an approved architect is not required. Instead, the request may be submitted by the homeowner directly.

The homeowner submittal will be considered as a “Minor Modification”. Please see the Minor Modification Application below. 

A modified set of house plans, relabeling the room as a bedroom, will need to be supplied with the completed application. This plan is not required to be professionally developed. 

Along with the application and plans, the standard $400 "Minor Modification" fee will be assessed. The fee is to be provided by check, payable to, "WaterColor Community Association".

The application and plans will be reviewed at the next scheduled DRB meeting by the Town Architect and DRB to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines. 

 If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Compliance & Design Review Manager, Andrew Fromknecht, at